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Jennifer Grim

Take Effect

Feb 11, 2023

Listen to Through Broken Time

The flutist Jennifer Grim brings her inimitable talent to Michael Sheppard’s agile piano skills, as they do justice to compositions of Afro-Modernism and post-minimalism ideas thanks to a handful of esteemed composers.

Tania León’s “Alma” starts the listen with Grim’s unpredictable flute prowess alongside Sheppard’s warm keys in the very calming landscape that embraces Cuban grooves, and “Argoru III”, by Alvin Singleton, follows with a solo flute performance that’s sometimes bare, and other times quivers with a complicated and fascinating manipulation of tonality.

David Sanford’s “Klatka Still” arrives in the middle, and it presents both beauty and darkness in the lush climate, while “Homeland” focuses on the flute with very ambient and unorthodox gestures that makes this the album’s best thanks to Allison Loggins-Hull’s vision. “Wish Sonatine” is near the exit, and it combines low keys and stirring flute for the tumultuous, rhythmic and powerful presentation of Valerie Coleman’s artistry.

A multi-dimensional effort that is quite meticulous and diverse, there just isn’t a second here that’s not exciting and memorable.


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